Our unique claims approach

We promise to pay valid claims within 72 hours of filing, meaning our customers get money when they need it most

Our customers feel the financial impact of illness and injury almost immediately. Delivering on our claims promise is the best way to drive trust in BIMA and demonstrate the value of insurance. To date, we have paid out over 3 million USD to our customers. 

Our expert claims teams ensure that processing is transparent, easy and fast. We have simple products, with clearly explained exclusions. We let clients know at the point of purchase which documents are required to make a claim. 

Papua New Guinea


Amstrong Amasae was a father of two living in Henganofi in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. He purchased Family Life insurance by paying for his coverage through his Digicel airtime credit. For a daily cost of less than an SMS, Amstrong was able to insure his life and protect the future of his family.  

Unfortunately, Amstrong passed away in November 2014. Following his death, Family Life paid his brother and registered beneficiary, Aki Tevefa 12, 000 kina (US$ 4,500). This money will be a vital source of income for Amstrong’s family at this difficult time. Thanks to the payout, his family was able to lay Amstrong to rest in his hometown. 

BIMA Family Life is offered in partnership with Digicel. Prices start from just US $1.30 for up to US $4,500 in cover. 



Lydia, a mother of four, runs a convenience store in Dansoman, a small suburb of Accra, Ghana. Lydia’s husband ran the store until he passed away suddenly from illness. Then Lydia became the sole breadwinner and had to learn how to manage the family business as well as caring for her family. 

During this difficult time, Lydia remembered that she had signed up for a life insurance product through Tigo.  She took the relevant documents to her local Tigo branch where she completed the straightforward claims process. Within three days of filing, Lydia received her full claims payout. 

Bima’s payment provided vital funds for Lydia’s family when they needed it most. Lydia now sells mobile airtime cards at the store, to help spread power of insurance throughout her community.

Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea